BREAKING: Krugman’s New Research Astounds Economists; Another Nobel Looming! (Satire)

BREAKING: Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman is in the running for another one!

Did you think Krugman was losing it when he said that inflation may be good for the poor as you can read in Clueless Paul Krugman – Doing for Poor People What James Watson did for Minorities?

Can Krugman come back from one of the dumbest tweets in history?

Don’t look now! Krugman could be redeeming himself…

BREAKING: Krugman’s groundbreaking thesis is said to support the ingenious Biden Crack Pipe Policy.

Why didn’t anyone else think of this?!?!?!

Krugman has combined an astounding understanding of the physiological and economics.

To sum it up for the little people who couldn’t grasp the jargon of Krugman’s advanced science:

Feeding crack to the poor will increase worker productivity and drive down the cost of goods. For those who can’t connect these phenomena: wage workers who can create more product or service per unit of time will flood the market with goods. More goods and services in the marketplace with dollar supply remaining constant will drive down the price of goods and services – making them cheaper for consumers!

Krugman explains, “More goods will be created for less. We just need to give the poor some crack.”

Jay Powell and Christine Lagarde, convicted criminal (true story) who heads the ECB, say, “Krugman’s findings are truly pivotal. This could change monetary policy forever.”

The most significant part of feeding crack to the poor – it will increase worker productivity which will create deflationary pressure.


Krugman acknowledges that “crack workers,” as he refers to them in his study, might suffer some unfortunate physical or psychological hindrances, but he says, “What’s more important is that making crack easier to use for people will gave lawmakers and Central Bankers another tool in their toolbox!”

Krugman explains his seemingly moronic statement on inflation that I featured.

Krugman, with his astounding intellect on full display, explains, “Earlier, when I said inflation would be good for the poor, my research was not done, and I couldn’t reveal the caveat. Inflation is great for the poor when you can give them crack, too!”

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By Billy Lee

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