Establish a “Fundamentocracy”, Not a Technocracy

To turn every facet of our life and within the human experience toward technical solutions is a travesty. We are at a stage where technology is dictating our way of life.

Consider how people take pictures and make videos, update statuses, and so on. People are making decisions based on what technology will let them do; how it will let them present to others. People are not making decisions that they would otherwise – if there were not social media and technological devices directing and leading them.

Many say that technology or robots will take over the world. They already have. We are one collective robot.

Modern politics amounts to a series of technical, coordinated moves that are not driven by a principle or fundamental. Rather, these “moves” are dragged on by certain ideologies that succeed within the techno-social media construct. People are disregarding this or not noticing this phenomenon.

Politicians whisper hints of what they might support, lend an ear to how many “likes” they get; then, they articulate their viewpoint. This is not how a leader behaves. It is the opposite of leading.

Herding the cattle is done more easily than ever. The internet and other technological advances are the equivalent of an electrical fence – the equivalent to invisible fences that shock our dogs.

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