Don’t Turn into a Mutant.

The human race, with full knowledge of the mechanics of the evolutionary process, is barreling headlong to where you might expect the indulgence of everything carnal to take us.

A new research project generated images of the human of the future. They call her Mindy.

In a Study Finds article, Chris Melore writes:

Researchers worked with a 3D designer to create images of a “future human” that accounts for all of the problems long-term tech use may cause. 

Specifically, they were inspired by a poll that found the typical American uses the Internet for seven hours a day. With that in mind, the team factored in a wide range of scientific studies and expert opinions examining the physical and mental changes that come from consistent exposure to smartphones, laptops, and television. The results were shocking.

But, it’s worse than they picture.

The researchers did not take into account that the obesity rate among adults in the United States is nearly one third in the vast majority of states.

Report: CDC

Prevalence of Self-Reported Obesity Among U.S. Adults by State and Territory, BRFSS, 2021

Prevalence estimates reflect BRFSS methodological changes started in 2011. These estimates should not be compared to prevalence estimates before 2011.

People have immense power. Think.

The elusive AWARENESS that so many self help gurus preach is cultivated by learning the above statistics and considering the trajectory that humanity is on. YOU. In the living of your life. YOU. Make the difference.

Mankind is too noble a creature. You can do better!

Watch and listen below as I develop concepts of my Peak Performance Principle philosophy.

We owe it to our progeny to do better.

The Buddhist/Christian concept of NO SELF and how we are all interconnected – DARE TO LISTEN! YOU WILL GET RIGHT MOTIVATION!

By Billy Lee

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Billy Lee as half robot.

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