About Billy Lee

Billy Lee

Business Leader/Artist/Athlete/Author/Speaker
fierce and authentic in tech and financial market innovation

I combine art (from NFT’s to music, poetry, and motivational speaking),

the study of financial markets (see Great White Financial and Mixed Market Artist),

a love of philosophy (see Excessive Moderation),

and what I have learned as a lifelong athlete (see Kairos Athletics – NPO)

and fitness expert (see Git ‘R Done Fitness) to try to make the world a better place.

Featured Video – Billy Lee Motivational Video for Kairos Athletics

Excessive Moderation – Podcast

Kairos Athletics – Sports and Motivation

Great White Financial – Financial Markets | Venture Capital | Business Portfolio

Mixed Market Artist – Financial Markets and Artwork

Zombie Buzz Coffee – Philosophy and Artwork (Coming Soon.)

Wellness Institute for Economic Growth – Wellness

Git’R Done Fitness – Wellness

From Great White Financial

“Hard work and creativity are what deliver our society from its many ills. 

Great White Financial works for the liberation of people and the mind. We fervently support workers and innovators, and we relentlessly fight bullies.

Great White Financial defiantly stands against all who work against free markets. We fight for our partners and to improve the human condition.”

Billy Lee CEO

From Kairos Athletics

“The idea that a righteous life will make us stronger is at the core of many philosophies. Kairos Athletics offers this at the core of its sports training philosophy. Coaches often ask athletes to “stay out of trouble”, but they offer no guide or they fail to fully inspire the athlete to do so. The Kairos Athletics concepts offer some general tenets that we ask the athlete to “work” throughout his/her striving.”

Billy Lee Founder

From Mixed Market Artist

“The markets will perpetually challenge and defeat anyone’s thinking. Hard work, a mastery of oneself, and common sense comprise the art and give way to glimpses of “certain heroic and religious truths”.”

Billy Lee Author

Featured Video – Billy Lee Produced Only of Its Kind Spoken Word, Artistic Dance on Financial Markets! (from Mixed Market Artist)

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