Clueless Paul Krugman – Doing for Poor People What James Watson did for Minorites


Can they Strip People of the Nobel Prize? Wait…Not sure, but they can strip titles. James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race

James Watson famously lost his titles for stupid, unscientific statements. Watson shared the Nobel in 1962 with Maurice Wilkins and Francis Crick for their 1953 discovery of the DNA’s double helix structure.

Paul Krugman in one tweet (again) sacrifices anything he may have contributed to the study of economics on the altar of Leftist ideology.

In an obvious attempt to convey allegiance to his Party, he commits himself to a vain attempt to present how inflation will benefit the poor.

It is hard to say which of his stupid remarks are the worst.

It seems like he is trying to best this one:

“By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.”

As I have said before, the central planning “intelligentsia” have no practical knowledge. They have no experience in applying their theories in the real world. It is the scourge of the modern time and the Achilles heel of our society.

You can hear more on this subject in Excessive Moderation. Learn – Decentralization vs Central Planner Bootlickers; Deploying Decentralized Control WINS! Freedom!.

In another post, learn about how innovator Norman Borlaug saved billions of lives as theorists like Krugman typed with their fat fingers.

Krugman’s Newest Tweet for the Party Elite

Paul also says in a tweet: “Inflation especially hurts the poor” has truthiness — it sounds like it should be true. But I don’t see either evidence or a mechanism 4/

Paul “Party Mouthpiece” Krugman

This is stupid at so many levels.

Reidal Shear Puts it Nicely:

You’re a worse economist than my 12yr old, Krugman. You think low income families have fixed rate debt that gets inflated away? They either have no debt, or money, with increasing costs, or usurious short term debt. When they turn off the heating, do you think they like the cold?

The Mixed Market Artist has to say to this blowhard:

You lack brain cells. Poor people live paycheck to paycheck. The increase in wages cannot keep up with the spike in the cost of goods. That impoverishes someone further. You can’t see the mechanism, you elitist, isolated fool? Go to a shopping line or a gas station, brainless.

Why is Paul saying these things?

It is very simple. He is making the worst job of science. He has a bias, and he is hellbent on confirming it.

He is motivated to support his party and their ideology because this behavior enriches and insulates him. He may have been committed to truth at some point, but now as can be plainly seen – he is committed to defending his Dear Leader’s regime.

This kind of talk crushes the poor. This will lead to more poor, just as pulling funding and stigmatizing police has led to more crime. None of the insulated elite will suffer the repercussions.

Learn – Decentralization vs Central Planner Bootlickers; Deploying Decentralized Control WINS! Freedom!.

By Billy Lee

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Billy Lee, CEO of Great White Financial, is a sportsman, businessman, artist, speaker, writer, and producer.

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